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Current object-oriented API documentation is usually navigated in a fixed tree structure, starting with a package and then filtering by a specific class. For large APIs, this scheme is overly restrictive, because it prevents users from locating a particular action without first knowing which class it belongs to. Apatite’s design instead enables users to search across any level of an API’s hierarchy. This is made possible by the introduction of a novel interaction technique that presents popular items from multiple categories simultaneously, determining their relevance by approximating the strength of their association using search engine data. The design of Apatite was refined through iterative usability testing, and it has been released publicly as a web application. We explore pervasive technology as an approach for promoting water conservation in public and private spaces. We hope to motivate immediate reduction in water use as well as higher-order behaviors seeking new information, etc through unobtrusive low-cost water flow sensing and several persuasive displays. Early prototypes were installed at public faucets and a private shared shower, logging water usage first without and then with ambient displays.

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Find out what’s happening in the world as it unfolds. She earned degrees from Princeton and Harvard Law and went on to work for a Chicago law firm, where she met her future husband, President Barack Obama. She later entered academia and public service.

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This is one of, if not the most practical shooting sport for concealed carry and self-defense. The different shooting situations change to meet circumstances you may face on the street, in your car, home, or just out in public. The competitions in Champaign, IL allow you to compete with your peers at your skill level and you progress on your own terms and speed.

The shooting courses have unlimited possibilities and it is what makes the sport so much fun to participate in. If you are interested in learning skills that could save your life in real self-defense situations by solving different and challenging defensive shooting problems then this is truly the sport for you!

A great sport that does not require any special equipment in Champaign, IL, just your everyday carry gun, holster, and ammo. Shoot for fun, shoot for competition, shoot for training and for your self-defense. It these early years in Champaign, IL and everywhere in the U. There was even talk within the shooting industry about not advertising to women as women would not understand the mechanics of firearms nor the nomenclature.

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University of Illinois engineers developed fiber-optic technology that can transmit data at a blazing-fast 57 gigabits per second, without errors. The research team was led by electrical and computer engineering professor Milton Feng — who will be in attendance at the conference — and also included professor emeritus Nick Holonyak Jr.

As big data has gotten bigger, the need has grown for a high-speed data transmission infrastructure that can accommodate the ever-growing volume of bits transferred from one place to another. Now, in a series of conference papers, they report 57 Gbps error-free data transmission at room temperature, as well as 50 Gbps speeds at higher temperatures up to 85 degrees Celsius degrees Fahrenheit. Achieving high speeds at high temperatures is very difficult, Feng said, due to the nature of the materials used, which prefer lower temperatures.

However, computing components grow warm over extended operation, as anyone who has worked on an increasingly heated laptop can attest.

Dating back to , the Lions have dominated their series with Illinois, which began with four games before the two became Big Ten foes. Penn State won their first conference clash, , in.

The normal statewide annual precipitation in Illinois is The outstanding feature is the two back-to-back exceptionally wet years of and Together they account for That is an extra As it now stands, the annual temperature for in Illinois was The outstanding colder-than-normal months in were January, July, August, and October. The statewide average precipitation for December was 4. Here are the maps for December December 14, Dreaming of a White Christmas?

Odds Slim in Illinois Based on historical reports of snow on the ground Christmas morning, people in northern Illinois have the highest odds of 30 to 50 percent. Naturally the odds decrease farther south but even southern Illinois sees one every once in a while. Your best place for having a white Christmas in Illinois? That would be Freeport in the northwest corner of the state at 56 percent.

The Christmas Day with the most snow on the ground in recorded history was , according to long-term records.

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Faculty Reports Digital Surrogates , Collection Digital Surrogates from Faculty Reports of the College of Engineering , include copies of correspondence, course schedules, and minutes concerning proposed revisions to the curriculum, such as the addition of courses pertaining to war issues during World War I; faculty committees; student enrollment statistics; special events and lectures, including efforts to inv Cavagna Sangiuliani Collection Collection Antonio Cavagna Sangiuliani was a public official, book collector, and recognized authority on the history of the Lombardy and Piedmont regions in northern Italy.

His library contained tens of thousands of books on history, genealogy, biography, and law, including city statutes and organizational bylaws.

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Introduction There is a wealth of inter-disciplinary resources in the social sciences and humanities that include vernacular language materials. Many of these are subscription databases, rich in content, often including full-text of current publications. There are also a large number of underused resources, particularly the national bibliographic, national library and archival resources that can help create an expansive base of materials on a topic.

Most scholars are familiar with the databases and bibliographies relevant to their discipline. However, if you are beginning a multi-disciplinary approach to a topic you will probably need to look at an array of more generalized resources. These will include everything from the national library catalogs to broad based scholarly resources like Web of Science and Scopus. A very good guide to a number of the resources available here can be reviewed in the Multilingual Electronic Resources guide.

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Adventurous and Spicy (, Saint Charles, Illinois) Many thanks for demonstrating some interest in taking some action! I’m so sick and tired of boring ducks and limp bizkits.

Our goal was to increase attendance among students who have never visited our library. Another program goal was to give our student-instructors presentation and class preparation experience. A group of undergraduate and graduate students who work in our library led the presentations on a rare book or manuscript of their choice, highlighting lesser-known works. Planning took place about a month and involved recruiting student presenters, developing a publicity strategy and deciding on refreshments.

Marketing We implemented a print and digital marketing strategy, including displaying posters in high-traffic student areas, using Twitter and Facebook and digital marketing screens in the library. Budget Details Funds were directed toward advertising, refreshments, an acoustic guitar player student and decorations. Day-of-event Activity Set-up entailed arranging and decorating tables with heart-shaped balloons and Valentines, displaying rare books and manuscripts and arranging refreshments.

The acoustic guitarist also required an amplifier, which one of our staff members was able to provide. Program Execution We were very pleased with the attendance at this program — there were around 70 attendees. Guests expressed positive feedback and our student presenters gained valuable experience. Students made up the core group of attendees. Our event was also open to the general public, faculty and staff.


August 27, 4: Johnson Last Friday, June 30, Governor Rauner addressed another batch of Illinois clemency petitions, granting 10 pardons with authorization to expunge and denying The pardons that were issued were for cases ranging in dates from to and were for offenses including aggravated assault, aggravated battery, retail theft, theft, forgery and assorted felony drug crimes.

I am beyond pleased to report that 1 of my clients is included in this batch of 10 successful petitions; congratulations to him and to the 9 other undoubtedly deserving candidates. Clemency and Expungement July 7, July 7, 6: Johnson In his 16th batch of clemency petition decisions since taking office in January of , Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner granted pardons authorizing expungement to five 5 individuals on April 14,

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The crime of kidnapping fellow humans has had vastly different legal definitions over the past two centuries. In the landmark study, Freedom at Risk: The Kidnapping of Free Blacks in America, , Carol Wilson considered two types of kidnappings of free blacks: This study includes all three as well as incidents in Illinois where white masters illegally took indentured servants across state lines for the purpose of re-enslaving them.

This study will focus on the four types of kidnappings in the Wabash and Ohio river valleys of Southern Illinois, as the saline reservation near the confluence of the two rivers served as a focal point for slavery in the state. Historically, the southern third or fourth of Illinois has been considered a distinct area known as Egypt. The name of Egypt was strengthened after the Winter of Deep Snow in , but became a derisive term later, in part of the southern region’s long support or tolerance of slavery.

Gallatin County, home of the salt reservation, has lost nearly all of their 19th Century circuit court records. Hardin County to the south had also lost most of their records due to two courthouse fires. In other counties such as Saline, actual court files from the time prior to the Civil War have disappeared or been destroyed. Scattered editions of ante-bellum newspapers still survive on microfilm and have provided some clues.

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Woese Institute for Genomic Biology faculty members Saurabh Sinha, a professor of computer science, left; and Gene Robinson, a professor of entomology and IGB director; and an international consortium of 52 scientists used comparative genomics to discover that the evolution of bee society is associated with increases in the complexity of gene regulation. A new genomic study of 10 species of bees representing a spectrum of social living — from solitary bees to those in complex, highly social colonies — offers new insights into the genetic changes that accompany the evolution of bee societies.

The new findings are reported in the journal Science. By sequencing and comparing the genomes of 10 bee species that vary in social complexity, the researchers made three important discoveries.

Aug 09,  · Christina Tworek, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign It’s a common quirk of human psychology to make the mental leap that the way things are is the way things ought to be.

She was the youngest of six children. Blair won events at , and short-track world championships and was the overall short-track world champion. Olympic team, as expected. Cycling became part of Blair’s speed skating training as both sports utilized the same muscle groups. Blair again won gold in the meters, becoming the first woman to win the event in back to back Olympics, with a time of The time was slower than Blair’s time in Calgary, however, the venue in Albertville was outdoors creating conditions which were less conducive for speed skating.

The second place finisher, Ye Qiaobo of China, claimed to have been slowed down by an improper crossover from another skater. Although Ye claimed the crossover cost her the gold, the referee’s rejected China’s protest. Blair dedicated her gold medal to her father, Charlie, who had passed away from lung cancer two years earlier. Charlie had dreamed of Bonnie becoming an Olympic speed skater.

The placement was due in part to the strategy of her coach, Peter Mueller ; Mueller told Blair he would give her a signal to coast if he felt she was not on pace for a podium finish, allowing her to conserve energy. As Blair approached the final meters, Mueller gave the signal. Thus, the next Winter Games would be held in February rather than in February

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