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But if you are and inventive engineer who given an idea can make it work then the information and photographs are more than useful. Like so many people today you want it all done for you and only complain about what it costs. I sent a reply to Mark Wo too. Here’s my little Weedy-Conversion using mostly stock parts. Hi folks, I’ve been reading this forum for several years now and decided to stop in and show my weedeater conversion motor. Some say 32cc is minimum size that will work. Well my 26cc has been pushing my canoe around for 2 yrs. I simply removed the upper shaft-half quick-connect type and installed the lower curved shaft into the power head you’ll have to notch the tube to allow it to fully seat and then re-tightened the the collar.

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Related A Z-wing planer will allow you to run a deep bait in your spread. Running a surface-disturbing hook-bait like this Flippy Floppy will add some commotion to the spread to help you raise, and hook a nice marlin or tuna. It can be tough to see your baits from the deck of a small boat, so check your baits for debris every 30 minutes or so when trolling a weedline for mahimahi.

If you really want to up your game on a center console, install a tower and a pair of outriggers. With these helpful tools, the big boats won’t have much advantage over you.

Just randomly walking around looking for weed (or anything else illicit) in the Cross is about the dumbest thing you could do. Aside from the undercover cops, there’s always uniformed police and drug dogs walking up and down there.

Sam Patwegar Oct 24 Reply I perfectly understand what you are going through. You love your family and want to build a life around them — Is this your primary goal?. Another goal that is deeply embedded in you is your desire to be your own boss. I believe you are doing quite well for now by being open to all possibilities and treading cautiously — which is inline with your current condition.

There are millions out there with similar dreams and most of them are likely to find your blog interesting — This should take care of the traffic and success of your blog. SteveOct 24 Reply Sam, These are all excellemt observations. My family is 1 for me and ultimately my business will allow me the freedom to be with them when I choose.

Not being able to see them enough is killing me. And although my personality type tells me that I like routine and structure, I still thrive off of being my own boss. Having that autonomy is critical fo rmy happiness. On a positive side I see two possibilities here: You will build a successful blog dicussing those methods — which should make for a very interesting read.


Cann Group, who were the first company in Australia to be issued with a licence for medical cannabis production, also said the project will create around jobs. Victoria becomes first Aussie state to legalise medical marijuana. Baby boomers lead the charge in marijuana use. In February Health Minister Greg Hunt announced that it would become easier for seriously ill Aussies to access medicinal cannabis after the Federal Government gave the green light for approved companies to legally import, store and sell the drug until domestic production meets local needs.

At the time, Mr. It has to be safe and we want to make sure this medicinal cannabis is available but on the same basis as any of the serious drugs and medicines that can only be dealt with through prescription and through a very rigorous medical process.

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Even the most durable trimmer, however, may eventually experience gas line issues. Over time, plastic fuel lines may dry out and crack, allowing air in and making it difficult for fuel to flow through them efficiently. The best way to repair a damaged gas line on a trimmer is simply to replace it with a new one. Pour the gasoline from the trimmer into a gas can.

Use a funnel to ensure that there is no spillage and that the gas flows easily into the can. A small amount of fuel may leak from the lines. If so, simply wipe it up before proceeding. Lay the screws aside in a safe place.

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Is Australia still up in smoke about marijuana? A couple of explanations underpin the growth of this particular segment — one being the increasing legality of medical cannabis for the many ailments that affect older people. WEED , expects England to have a fully developed pot market within five years, on par with what Canada has today.

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May 04,  · i think i just got my best hook up ever i the only thing ive bought is a quater but ive got it for 55 and it was some ganja:hail: whats your guyes.

As far as an angling target goes squid are one of the most versatile. Admittedly a squid will not strip one hundred meters of line off a spool, nor will a squid battle it out for hours. So why are squid one of the most popular angling targets? They are one of the best and most versatile baits available. Once located bag limits are easily obtained. They are great fun for anglers for all ages.

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Current and potential uses[ edit ] Food and health[ edit ] Several species of Crotalaria are cultivated as crops to be consumed by human populations throughout the world. To ensure the survival and optimal cultivation of these plants, they are often selected for resistance to diseases, yield , and nutritional quality. The flowers and pods of Crotalaria tetragona are eaten as vegetables, the flowers and buds are used as garnishing, and the seeds are eaten as pulse.

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April 10, Upcycle Style: Braided T-shirt Rug I love making projects that involve at least one of the following criteria: Upcycle — Most of said t-shirts were well past their use by date with most of them having holes, stretching or stains, so charity donation was not an option. Usually I tear old shirts up for dusting rags, but the truth is, who needs to dust that much? Sewing — enough said Need — With a chilly winter on the way in Melbourne, I thought it would be lovely to finally have a bedside rug to treat my feet to some cushy comfort on a chilly morning.

Read on to see how I made mine… You will need: Old T-shirts or fine cotton knits the more you have the larger the rug will be. Roll your yarn into balls. My thirteen t-shirts made thirteen balls of yarn. Make a braid Work the yarn just like you would braid a plait of hair. I chose to do all the braiding first, it took me a few evenings in front of the TV. To start and change colour you can either sew your strips of fabric together as Cathy has done, or use a No Sew option that I used, of making a little hole in one strip and looping the new colour through.

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Our mission was to get a good feed of squid testing out the range of Savage Gear 3D egi shrimp jigs which didn’t let us down. In early choppy conditions we managed 10 squid by flicking with pausese and lifts. We then moved on flicking soft plastics and testing the newly released Fat t-Tail which saw us catch several nice flathead in the mid 40’s. Was a great morning on the water. JAN 18 Williamstown Ferguson street Alan Bonnici decided to fish a local spot he had never fished before after hearing some great reports of catches of bream, flathead and p9inkies around several of the piers around Williamstown.

Zofex Hook Lift & Skip Bin Fabrications Melbourne “I am the president of our student council this school year and one of our projects has to do with the environment. We decided to buy skip bins and placed it around our campus.

Dating , Game Roosh One reason I hate MySpace is because it makes it too easy for a girl to get a maximum amount of attention while putting in no effort. The distance between herself and you, a potential suitor, is so great that screening you out is her default move. She receives attention from guys and takes her time writing back even if she checks her email every 10 minutes I guarantee you she does. Instead, she wants to relax and let you make her feel warm and fuzzy inside over a non-alcoholic beverage.

A female blogger writes: I LOVE coffee dates. They are totally casual and can be either long or short, depending on your shatter mode. Let me ask you this: It just does not happen. When a girl wants to go on a coffee date, she is basically saying either she is not trying to hook up with you or does not want you to escalate your game. Safe and comfortable for her means late night masturbation for you. She gets to practice dating and feeling wanted on your clock. What are you waiting for?

Australians Can Now Legally Grow Their Own Marijuana