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The large flat expanse was a base for Herod’s Temple, in the center. The view is from outside the Eastern Wall of the Temple Mount. The Temple Mount forms the northern portion of a very narrow spur of hill that slopes sharply downward from north to south. This artificial expansion resulted in a large flat expanse which today forms the eastern section of the Old City of Jerusalem. The southern section of the western flank is revealed and contains what is known as the Western Wall. The retaining walls on these two sides descend many meters below ground level. A northern portion of the western wall may be seen from within the Western Wall Tunnel , which was excavated through buildings adjacent to the platform. On the southern and eastern sides the walls are visible almost to their full height. The platform itself is separated from the rest of the Old City by the Tyropoeon Valley, though this once deep valley is now largely hidden beneath later deposits, and is imperceptible in places. Religious significance of Jerusalem The temple mount has historical and religious significance for all three of the major Abrahamic religions:

This amazing glass dome has popped up in a pub garden – now it may have to be pulled down

Summerhouse 2How large are the yurts that Blue Ridge Yurts manufacture? We make yurts in four diameters, 16′, 20′, 24′ and 30′. All of our yurts have 7’4″ tall walls. We also make yurts with 24′ and 30′ diameters that have 10′ walls. We have a 16′ display yurt that is available for viewing during our business hours. We also have a 30′ demo yurt with 10′ walls that has a loft area with beds, a full kitchen and bath, a private bedroom, and a living area that is available for rent Floyd Yurt Lodging.

Egypt Station is Paul McCartney’s new #1 album featuring singles ‘I Don’t Know’, ‘Come On To Me’ and ‘Fuh You’. It is available on CD, 2LP Vinyl, Digital and Streaming. TOKYO DOME Thursday 8th November – NAGOYA DOME. if you are not on a wifi connection, your .

The coffered dome has a central oculus as the main source of natural light. Lise Hetland argues that the present construction began in , under Trajan , four years after it was destroyed by fire for the second time Oros. She reexamined Herbert Bloch’s paper, which is responsible for the commonly maintained Hadrianic date, and maintains that he should not have excluded all of the Trajanic-era bricks from his brick-stamp study. Her argument is particularly interesting in light of Heilmeyer’s argument that, based on stylistic evidence, Apollodorus of Damascus , Trajan’s architect, was the obvious architect.

As a result of excavations in the late 19th century, archaeologist Rodolfo Lanciani concluded that Agrippa’s Pantheon was oriented so that it faced South, in contrast with the current layout that faces North, and that it had a shortened T-shaped plan with the entrance at the base of the “T”. This description was widely accepted until the late 20th century. From him we know that “the capitals, too, of the pillars, which were placed by M.

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As you lay down your mat and take a seat, you look around and realize that you are surrounded by other beautiful people. Take a deep, meditative breath: Yogis and yoginis, if you commit to showing up to an amazing gathering like Wanderlust, you will have an unforgettable time. Last year, three close friends promised they would meet me at Wanderlust in Lake Tahoe.

Old West Iron’s structural iron corbels and consoles are crafted in decorative designs with an old world flair. They can be used as a mantle support, beam support, shelving bracket, or to hang a plant or sign.

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Share Tweet There unfortunately is not a perfect procedure for connecting your utility RV hookups. Awareness Be sure to get a spot in a campground that has the appropriate RV hookups for your type of rig and has enough room to accommodate the size. The coveted pull through sites are always a plus! Find the site hookups and see if you can keep the sewer connection as close to the RV as possible. Have a look around the site before pulling in to get a good feeling for how you want to be positioned.

You RV should have the door side pointing toward the available space where you can have tables, chairs, and possibly a campfire.

Multi-platinum, Grammy-nominated band OneRepublic release brand new song ‘Connection’ today, 26 June, on Mosley Music/Interscope Records. Connection was today’s Beats 1 World Record with Zane Lowe on Apple Music and is available now at all digital retailers.

As a couple, it has a large bedroom that takes a double inflatable mattress with plenty of room for bags and access around it. You could put another 2 singles in for the kids if needed. If you only camp in summer the living room will sleep 3 kids comfortably, tho if you have kids and go winter camping, go for the 3 room model.

The bedroom has solid inner fabric so doesn’t let the cold in, yet has massive vents and windows to open up to create a breeze on those hot nights. The dividing wall has a large access door and is both solid and meshed. The front living room inner is made up of no see em mesh and has very large fly doors on all three sides which can be rolled up or poled out to make shaded areas and open up the view from inside, which is great if the mozzies are biting or it’s raining.

It’s large enough to set up the kitchen in and still have room for a couple of large camp chairs. There are several large sewn in pockets, hanging hooks and power entry points in both rooms. This is a big 2 room tent! Nearly 5M long and 2.

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Detailed information on air temperature and CO2 levels is trapped in these specimens. Current polar records show an intimate connection between atmospheric carbon dioxide and temperature in the natural world. In essence, when one goes up, the other one follows. There is, however, still a degree of uncertainty about which came first—a spike in temperature or CO2.

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Muslim Vikings Besides the unearthing of the ring, an additional fact worthy of mention with regards to the Viking woman was that she appeared to be buried rather than cremated. This suggests that the woman might have been amongst those Viking people who converted to Islam after their interaction with Muslims. This evidence may therefore reveal that Islam was not only a popular religion during ancient times in the East, but that it was also deep rooted in Europe as well.

They [the Vikings] highly valued pork. Though many have offered their theories regarding the Scandinavian Viking woman and the ring, the true account of the story underlying this mystery is yet to be revealed. The old Viking warrior was quite interested in Islam until he heard that it would involve giving up alcohol, at which point he said, in effect, “OK, you’re out”.

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Mayan zapote wood dates c. Tikal, Peten, Guatemala presents a unique opportunity to connect the Mayan calendar to the Christian calendar as there are zapote lintel beams with carvings of Mayan calendar dates and there are corresponding dates on stone stele. Satterthwaite and Ralph dated these beams and concluded that the Goodman-Martinez-Thompson GMT correlation date correctly connected these two calendars Satterthwaite and Ralph The North Acropolis is the burial site of most of the rulers of Tikal.

Ten platforms were found in the 5D-4 complex. Logically, persons and materials found under a slab would be older than objects found above the slab. The tombs have carved stele associated with them that bear Mayan calendar dates. These two plots illustrate the maximum range of calendar dates from the burial complex. The Ralph sample was obtained in-situ from the backside of the beam and radiocarbon dated shortly afterwards.

The Libby sample was obtained from the same beam from the glyph side after being in a museum in Switzerland for more than five decades. The Libby sample was radiocarbon years older than the Ralph sample. This age discrepancy was investigated and is explained below. Select pieces of charcoal found in the burial complex were radiocarbon dated.

There are two problems immediately apparent.

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