Identifying and Dating Unmarked or Unknown Maker Vintage and Antique Cast Iron Skillets

Every wardrobe needs a great pair of vintage Levi jeans. What better choice than a classic pair of vintage Levi button-fly jeans? Or maybe you want a vintage boot cut, zip fly Whether you are shopping on the web, in a vintage clothing store, thrift store or yard sale, it is important to know if you paying for real vintage or finding the jeans of a lifetime. Dating Levis does not have to be complicated and if you have ever wondered how old a pair of Levis are –then this brief guide will give you the basics to identifying and dating vintage Levi jeans. This can be seen when the cuff is folded up and looks like the photo on the right. The white strip will have a red thread running through is although sometimes this has turned pinkish or faded. Only the jeans with this nice seam-work command decent dollars from this era. This issue will also have a red pocket tab with a lowercase ‘e’ in Levi. Generally expect them to be button fly s.

Vintage Labels

Vintage Chucks Vintage chucks had a name label printed inside the tongue. Although the Converse All Star Chuck Taylor high top basketball shoe has remained virtually unchanged since Chuck Taylor made his modifications in their design during the s and 40s, there are some subtle differences in the way the shoes are manufactured and sold today. One difference is that today there no longer is a name label printed inside the tongue. Vintage chucks had wider spacing between the side eyelets and smaller toe caps.

There are also some differences on the outside of the shoe.

Hi, I found your blog about dating vintage clothing and I am trying to locate step two and three. Has it been published as of today ? Has it been published as of today ? I have a vintage cardigan that I am trying to date or at least get as much info on it as possible.

The best thing about bespoke clothes is that they usually come with a small label tucked away in one of the inside pockets saying who made the garment, who they made it for and the date it was made: Bespoke label from a waistcoat made by W. Brinkman in for G. This label is generally the only real evidence one has as to when it was made. If a garment has this logo in then I will personally guarantee you that it will be made of decent fabric and cut pretty well. The Classic Montague Burton logo!

Sends shivers down the spine Variation of the classic logo for Burton’s ‘Laird’ range of Scottish tweeds — c This is an identical logo except that Burton changed their name in from Montague Burton: So, if it says the former it should be from pre and if the latter, post Burton Oceanic Serge logo from the late s c — c This logo in my eyes looks quite clean and ahead of its time. There are two versions of it: Manufacturers were also forced to add content labels in to clothing in about declaring what it was made of, so if a suit has one of these, you can start to date it quite well.

A half hearted desperate attempt to hark back to the logo of the glory days. However, these logos definiately date from that era.

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Reply Since I will be closing out book sales at Shuushuu by Lulu at the end of September of this year, I am posting this comprehensive guide on how I grade my books and other vintage stock. This guide can be used for the many other items that will still be available such as, clothing, accessories, jewelry, ect. This terminology can be found throughout the Internet when buying vintage books.

It is very common language, so I have incorporated it for the use of anything and everything. Then you do not have to learn multiple guides and charts. When I first began collecting books, buying them online, I learned a thing or two about descriptions and lack of descriptions.

ebayin’ What others are saying “vintage hanes t-shirt brand” See more Vintage Tags, Vintage Clothing, Vintage Outfits, Vintage Labels, Old Clothes. Donna Kapeller Kern. “Hardware like zippers can be incredibly useful when it comes to dating vintage clothes, especially when other means of .

Vintage to a Tea This vintage tea party has upgraded from market stall to bricks and mortar. A solid selection of handpicked heirlooms span the s to s with brilliant Bibas, outstanding Ossie Clarks and a whole host of Horrockses dresses – nipped-in at the waist with full flaring skirts. It is one of a chain of four stores in Britain.

Go to Cow for great tea dresses , denims and collectable sportswear. There are thousands of dresses such as this s one, above in s to s styles – and hundreds of hats. She’s dedicated to genuine quality vintage with no retro-style pieces. Appointments are available at her studio for dressing-up sessions. Its seasonal “collection” of elegantly edited vintage includes pieces such as a silk Edwardian dress with matching lace jacket and a heavily beaded s flapper dress.

Visit too for its vintage wedding dresses and made-to-measure bridal range created from old patterns. Her year-old shop has a strict no-repro or retro rule and hones in on the s to s, as well as Victorian textiles and garments. Finds fare from France:

How To Buy Vintage Clothing: A Complete Guide for Beginners

Greta Garbo looking at a ladies’ hat in a display window: Most people today have at least one hat to protect them from the sun, rain, or cold, and some of these functional hats can be quite collectible. And some collectors are more than willing to spend up to several hundreds of dollars for caps from professional baseball franchises, especially if the items had belonged to legendary teams like the old Brooklyn Dodgers or the New York Giants.

But when collectors speak of “vintage hats,” they are usually referring to those women’s fashion accessories that served more decorative rather than utilitarian purposes. And perhaps none exemplified the principle of style-over-function more than the creations of the early and mid 20th century. Remember the cornucopia hat that captured Greta Garbo’s fancy in Ninotchka?

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Dating Chanel bottles The second bottle just arrived, I’ll try to get some photos up tomorrow. Dark juice, bottle smells like heaven anyway, even unopened. Exterior box a bit worn, interior box still tightly wrapped in yellowed cellophane. Shaking reveals that there is a glass bottle of liquid in there, and that there is probably not a lot of space in the bottle.

Obviously, it’s been protected from light. Both bottle 1 and outer Box 2 are marked “Chanel Inc. Outer Box 2 has double C logo. Inner box is rather simple black-on-white paperboard, while Box 1 is thicker split-in-middle design. Any ideas, oh smart ones? I think the sealed one will obviously have more juice and has been protected from the light. Which do I keep and use?

Do I dare break the seal on that cellophane? Was the reformulation significant enough to factor in, here? Is it worth worrying about, seeing as Chanel No5 is oddly quite reasonably priced for vintage bottles?

How To Determine Production Date of Vintage Levi’s 501 Jeans

Part 1 Everyone knows Victoria’s Secret. It’s displayed in every mall, featured in a huge runway show event each year, and sent out to thousands of people in catalog form. It’s eye-catching and seductive lingerie, with lots of leopard print and sparkle. But the company as we know it today used to be dramatically different! Well, not that different- Victoria’s Secret didn’t sell power tools or anything like that. But it was founded in by Roy Raymond as a small specialty shop for high end lingerie, from various designers under the Victoria’s Secret label.

Beyond Retro has the largest selection of vintage fashion for women in the UK: dresses, T shirts, tops, jackets, skirts and everything in between. We also showcase what’s hot in trends, including lace, 90s denim, art prints, block colour and seasonal trends from Festival wear to Christmas jumpers.

But it’s also handy to have other tricks up your sleeve. There’s something quite satisfying, when someone gawps at your jumper or quizzes you on your dress, to be able to fill them in on your latest fashion discovery- especially when it’s not just a little known brand, but also affordable. So here we go. The cat’s out of the bag. Weekday What’s the story? By the little shop had become so popular that it relocated to Stockholm and was open every day of the week hence the name change.

Weekday is great for basics like long sleeved T-shirts, chunky knitted jumpers, bomber jacket and no nonsense jeans. They also do very good, simple underwear and swimwear. Weekday customers should feel like they can buy the latest fashion without compromising their values”. Need we say more? Essentiel Antwerp What’s the story?

Belgian husband and wife duo, Esfan and Inge, launched Essentiel Antwerp in as a T-shirt collection which sold like hot cakes and four seasons later developed into a fully fledged ready-to-wear collection.

RN numbers on clothing labels

Did you learn something today or have a vintage garment you need help dating? Identify whether the buttons are bakelite plastic, lucite plastic or modern plastic. Bakelite buttons are plastic buttons found on s and s garments. Bakelite was invented in as the first ever synthetic plastic. The infamous zipper is rarely seen on garments.

How to Identify Vintage Levis. By sound_foundation Feb 25, zip fly Whether you are shopping on the web, in a vintage clothing store, thrift store or yard sale, you have ever wondered how old a pair of Levis are –then this brief guide will give you the basics to identifying and dating vintage Levi jeans. s – Last.

Overlocked seams in s suit jacket Narrow Hem: A narrow, visible hem. Mostly found in garments from the s to today. Blind Hem with hem tape: A wider hem to allow for future alterations that is mostly invisible. Blind hem on the wrong side What a blind hem looks like on the right side. Can you see it? Labels Look for union labels in the garment, and match against this resource from the Vintage Fashion Guild. In the s, care labels are introduced and used.

If you are curious about a label in particular, check the Label Resource at the Vintage Fashion Guild , which may help. It can also help to search Etsy or eBay for the brand, as some sellers will upload a photo of the label. Also, look to see where it was made, if it says origin labels became mandatory in the s.

RN numbers and CA Identification numbers on clothing labels

By Emily McCarthy With the growth of online shopping, finding women’s clothing to suit every size, taste, and budget has become exponentially easier. The choices are seemingly endless, making it seem like a daunting prospect to narrow the many choices to find the best places to shop online. Below are some of the top online women’s clothing stores, with selections that are sure to be what you’re looking for.

Popular Chain Stores Shopping at chain stores online means you’ll be able to get the same brands you’ve trusted for years at retail locations, but with a larger selection of products in a bigger range of sizes.

Read my guide on International Ladies’ Garment Worker’s union labels to learn how their identification helps when dating the era of your women’s vintage clothing. Thank you to the Family Vintage Jewels for loaning vintage clothing for creation of this article.

Approximately the year noted on the tag, or a few years later. The verbiage should be up front and not behind the tag. Secondly, the production country of a modern garment is typically found behind the tag — not frontside, as seen here on this s Jeanne Marc label. Today, Manhattan New York has more than 40 different zip codes. The history of zip codes. Pre if the made-from-wool garment has no label identifying it as wool.

The Woolmark logo was first placed on the tags of wool clothing in as a marketing technique to encourage consumers to buy the natural fiber of wool over synthetics polyester and acrylic. Because the Woolmark logo is licensed and therefore costs money to use, not all garments made from wool are labeled with a Woolmark. Invented , first commercially used but most popular s or later. Look for vintage names Celanese, Kodel and Vycron.

First commercially used in Look for vintage name Qiana Nylon, found on garments approximately to s. Invented , also referred to as Spandex. Look for vintage names Orlon, Acrilan, Zeran and Creslan.

How to read Vintage Clothing Labels.