Is it drawings, dividends or wages?

Rowe One of the more frequently asked questions about rock art is: How old is it? There was a revolution in our ability to answer that important question starting three decades ago The major advancement that laid the groundwork for the later dating revolution was the development of accelerator mass spectrometry AMS. That innovation led to a drastic reduction in the amount of carbon necessary for a radiocarbon date – from a few grams to less than 1 mg of carbon. This reduction in sample size opened the way for even the small amounts of organic matter in rock paintings to be dated starting a decade later in Assigning painted images to a particular time period and, thus, a prehistoric culture, allows archaeologists to gain information on the artistic, cultural, technical and religious aspects of a people. Most radiocarbon dates on rock paintings have been attained through three major techniques: All of these techniques have distinctly different advantages and challenges in their application.

Is it drawings, dividends or wages?

Life timeline and Nature timeline Cueva de las Monedas Nearly caves have now been discovered in France and Spain that contain art from prehistoric times. Initially, the age of the paintings had been a contentious issue, since methods like radiocarbon dating can produce misleading results if contaminated by samples of older or newer material, [3] and caves and rocky overhangs where parietal art is found are typically littered with debris from many time periods.

But subsequent technology has made it possible to date the paintings by sampling the pigment itself and the torch marks on the walls.

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The most restrictive of all entities, when it comes to income tax, fringe benefits tax, and capital gains tax, is a company. For simple structures, such as a sole trader or partnership, amounts withdrawn from the business are classed as drawings. No tax is payable by the owners on drawings, but instead they pay tax on their share of the net income generated by the business. Rob Homer Where a business is operated through a family discretionary trust or a unit trust the owners can take tax-deductible salaries from the business, which will be taxable in their hands like any other employee of the business.

Drawings or loans taken by owners are not counted as taxable income in their hands, instead profits distributed as unit trust distributions or family trust distributions are taxed. I have set up a small trucking business through a company. I don’t understand how to take out owner drawings, is there a way to take owner drawings and withhold the tax payable from the amount drawn? I also don’t understand how to make a regular dividend payment to myself, is there a way to make a dividend payment to me while still keeping the tax withheld?

When a business is operated through a company, cash withdrawn by shareholders will in nearly all circumstances result in tax being paid. One of the few exceptions is when shareholders have loaned their company money and payments are made to reduce or pay back the loan. From your question it would appear that you want to withdraw regular amounts that you are calling owner’s drawings.

These amounts should be classed as salaries paid to you as an employee of the company. The company will need to register for PAYG withholding purposes, the relevant withholding income tax payable on the salary calculated, and the net after-tax salary paid to you. Advertisement The company will also need to register for Workcover and pay insurance premiums based on the salary that you will be taking.

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Hundreds Of Mysterious X-Rated Drawings Found In An Abandoned House

World Earliest ever human drawings dating back 73, years found in African cave The earliest evidence of a drawing made by humans — dating back 73, years — has been found in an African cave. Scientists say the drawing, which consists of three red lines cross-hatched with six separate lines, was “intentionally created” on a smooth silcrete flake. The amazing discovery was made by archaeologist Dr Luca Pollarolo, of Witwatersrand University in South Africa, while he painstakingly sifted through thousands of similar flakes that were excavated from Blombos Cave in the lab.

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These are dated by illustrations in the Illustrated London News and the Builder and by documentary research in the bank and insurance companies’ archives. Dating a building by inscription is a long tradition, though few name the architect in such brief form as that on the Town Hall at Blandford Forum which reads ‘Bastard, Architect, ‘. The trouble with inscriptions, useful though they are, is that you cannot be sure that they are right many have been added by later owners or that they date more than a particular feature or phase of development.

The datestone has to be treated with the same critical eye as the rest of the building. Historic buildings need historians. That might seem axiomatic, but surprisingly few of the half million or so listed buildings have ever been thoroughly investigated. The rise of a specialist role of architectural historian has gone hand-in-hand with the growth of the conservation movement over the last half-century. What do architectural historians do?

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She works mainly with family historians, dating old photos and analysing family pictures, but also helps institutions and groups who would like to date an old photo or understand their vintage image collection. Using her fashion history training and 25 years’ practical experience of dating and interpreting historical portraits, Jayne dates old clothing styles and other visual clues in 18th and 19th century artworks and silhouettes, Victorian photographs, paintings and drawings, Edwardian photos and 20th century pictures.

She also uses further techniques for old photo dating, including identifying the type of photograph its format , dating the card mount design and researching the photographer or studio’s operational dates.

The second-oldest known cave art is that of Chauvet Cave in France, the paintings of which date to earlier than 30, BCE (Upper Paleolithic) according to radiocarbon dating. Some researchers believe the drawings are too advanced for this era and question this age.

Antoine Watteau , trois crayons technique The medium is the means by which ink, pigment or color are delivered onto the drawing surface. Most drawing media are either dry e. Watercolor pencils can be used dry like ordinary pencils, then moistened with a wet brush to get various painterly effects. Very rarely, artists have drawn with usually decoded invisible ink. Metalpoint drawing usually employs either of two metals: Paper comes in a variety of different sizes and qualities, ranging from newspaper grade up to high quality and relatively expensive paper sold as individual sheets.

58 Angel Drawings: Illustrations And Sketches

For details of the oldest Stone Age cave art, see: Blombos Cave Rock Art. A Summary Located in northern Spain, not far from the village of Antillana del Mar in Cantabria, the Upper Paleolithic cave complex at Altamira is famous for its magnificent multi-coloured cave painting , as well as its rock engravings and drawings. It is one of seventeen such caves unearthed along the mountains of North Spain near the Atlantic coast, on the main migratory route from the Middle East, which followed the North African coast, crossed the sea at Gibraltar and led through Spain into France.

First discovered in , though not fully appreciated until the s, Altamira was the first of the great caches of prehistoric art to be discovered, and despite other exciting finds in Cantabria and southern France, Altamira’s paintings of bisons and other wild mammals are still the most vividly coloured and visually powerful examples of Paleolithic art and culture to be found on the continent of Europe. As usual, archeologists remain undecided about when Altamira’s parietal art was first created.

Artifacts dating from the Lower and Middle Paleolithic remain disputed as objects of artistic expression. the Mask of la Roche-Cotard is an artifact from the Paleolithic period that was discovered in the entrance of the La Roche-Cotard cave, situated on the banks of the Loire River in France. drawings, etchings, carvings, and pecked.

Share via Email The earliest known drawing in history — a red, cross-hatched pattern — has been found in a cave in South Africa. According to researchers who unearthed the piece, it is the earliest known drawing in the world. Archaeologists found the marked stone fragment as they sifted through spear points and other material excavated at Blombos cave in South Africa. It has taken seven years of tests to conclude that a human made the lines with an ochre crayon 73, years ago. The simple red marks adorn a flake the size of two thumbnails which appears to have broken off a grindstone cobble used to turn lumps of ochre into paint powder.

What I do know is that what can look very abstract to us could mean something to the people in the traditional society who produced it. But those abstract and figurative images were made more recently, 40, years ago at most. Located on the southern tip of South Africa, about km east of Cape Town, Blombos cave has proved a treasure trove of ancient human artefacts from 70, to , years old.

Excavations have uncovered painted shell beads, double-sided spear points, and pieces of ochre engraved with the same cross-hatched design as found on the chunk of grindstone. The pattern also features at the nearby younger sites of Diepkloof and Klipdrift, where archaeologists found it engraved on ostrich egg shells. The patterned stone from Blombos was found by chance in as researchers washed ash and dirt from spear points and other artefacts uncovered at the site.

The discovery prompted an intensive effort to analyse the marks — six thin lines crossed by three others — and discern how they got there.

Hundreds Of Mysterious X-Rated Drawings Found In An Abandoned House

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New dating tests have proven that drawings from the Caves of Nerja, in Málaga, Spain, are the oldest paintings in the world made by humans. The pictures apparently depict seals and were painted more than 42, years ago, making them the first known cave paintings created by Neanderthals.

Incredible, the cave drawings could date even further back from Paleolithic era, Alkan stated. This means they could be more than 2. If not identified before, then we will begin the registration process,’ Mehmet Alkan said. The area featuring the drawings stretches 8-meters long 26 ft and centimeters 2ft wide. This particular find appears to show wild goat hunting. Incredibly, the age-old carvings were not eroded by the dam’s presence and – for this reason – they will remain in place, even though the water levels may rise again.

The site is also famous for its beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Older than first expected? Experts believe the art could actually pre-date the Stone Age. Incredibly, this means they could be more than 2. It is one of the fastest-growing cities in Turkey. Experts have suggested that the caves with the best acoustics may have been chosen for ancient artwork depicting hunting scenes and cultural practices.

Studying Holbein’s Portrait Drawings: A Brief Encounter

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Cave drawings dating back to the early Stone Age including scenes of hunters chasing prey have been discovered by fishermen in Turkey after water from a dam was drained Stunning cave drawings dating back to the early Stone Age have been discovered by fishermen in Turkey. The historic art was revealed after water from the Ataturk Dam was drained away.

The drawings, which are still in a good condition, were discovered in the Kahta district of the southeastern Adiyaman province. Still in good condition, one of the etchings depicts a scene where men with horses chase a chevrotain, also known as mouse-deer. Meanwhile, another appears to show wild goat hunting. The stretch of rock face that features the drawings is 26 ft eight metres long and two feet 70 centimetres wide.

Incredible, the cave drawings could date even further back from Paleolithic era, Alkan stated. This means they could be more than 2. The area featuring the drawings stretches 8-meters long 26 ft and centimeters 2ft wide. This particular find appears to show wild goat hunting. The site is also famous for its beautiful sunrises and sunsets.


La Tene Celtic culture, sculpture Types The majority of prehistoric cave paintings were figurative and 99 percent of these were of animals. At first, Stone Age artists painted predator animals lions, rhinoceroses, sabre-toothed felines, bears almost as often as game animals like bison and reindeer, but from the Solutrean era onwards imagery was dominated by game animals. Pictures of humans were an exceptionally rare occurrence, and were usually highly stylized and far less naturalistic than the animal figures.

Ancient Rock Art Is Still a Mystery Prehistoric Images. Text and Photos by Catt Foy. You see them everywhere across the Southwest, symbols from an ancient and mysterious race — spirals, zigzag lines, strange stick figures, a hump-backed flute player.

Contact and enquiries The Department of Prints and Drawings contains the national collection of Western prints and drawings, in the same way as the National Gallery and Tate hold the national collection of paintings. It is one of the top three collections of its kind in the world. There are approximately 50, drawings and over two million prints dating from the beginning of the fifteenth century up to the present day. There are also large documentary collections of historical, satirical and topographical prints, as well as important collections of printed ephemera, such as trade and visiting cards, fans and playing cards.

The department also has the most extensive reference library in the United Kingdom relating to the history of prints and drawings, comprising about 50, books, periodicals and sale catalogues. There is a small collection of illustrated books, but the national collection of these is in the British Library. Oriental drawings and prints are kept in the Department of Asia. The collection is available to the public through the Study Room and through a programme of temporary exhibitions which are usually shown in Room If you would like to stay updated about our departmental activities, please join our mailing list by contacting friendsofprints britishmuseum.