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They have also been been nominated to Emma Gaala , the Finnish music awards in category of Metal Album of the Year Here are the nominees for the best Finnish metal album at Emma Gaala Yes, we are about bpm slower and 3 octave lower, but proud to have this recognition nevertheless. Thank you everyone for the support and taking this album to your hearts, it means a lot.

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Steele formed Type O Negative in out Steele formed Type O Negative in out of the remnants of thrash band Carnivore, along with his friend Sal Abruscato drums. Type O’s music slowed down the tempos of thrash metal, alternately satirizing and wallowing in a glum mixture of misanthropy, misogyny, depression, and vampiric vocals, as well as loads of cheap-sounding guitar distortion.

The band’s debut album, Slow, Deep and Hard, was released in , featuring long, mopey dirges with titles like “Unsuccessfully Coping with the Natural Beauty of Infidelity. A fake live album, The Origin of the Feces, appeared the following year, its notorious cover depicting a pair of spread buttocks the album was eventually reissued with less graphic artwork.

Released in , Bloody Kisses added surprisingly skilled Beatlesque melodies, and Steele’s often ironic treatments of his depressing subject matter and the emotional and musical excesses of goth particularly Type O Negative’s brand were deadly accurate and often very funny. Abruscato departed following its release to join Life of Agony, at which point Kelly joined the band.

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After two records and great frustration with musical direction and the inability to find good tailors for their custom-designed loincloths, thrash-core future primitives Carnivore disband. Bassist Peter Steele pursues a career at the New York City Parks Dept, where he learns a variety of skills including how to pick up human waste with a rake and new metaphors for maggots “dancing rice”. Steele’s longtime friend Sal Abruscato asks him if he wants to start a band. Steele wants to do something that won’t be as strictly defined as the grind-and-grumble Carnivore, so he agrees.

Abruscato enlists guitarist Kenny Hickey. Steele commandeers keyboardist Josh Silver.

The Type O Negative discography. TRADE. Some pre-Type O Negative/Peter Steele stuff »Christian Woman CD single» The Origin of the Feces re-release» Bloody Kisses Digi-Pack release For unofficial Type O Negative recordings check the bootleg page.

The concert was filmed for a German television broadcast, but the band eventually bought the rights, called it Symphony for the Devil and put it out on DVD in In addition to the amazing concert footage here, you also get to see how much fun and carefree the band was behind the scenes. Bonus, you get to see a young Lacuna Coil. One thing about the guys behind the scenes though: What was up with their seeming obsession with filming guys taking a crap?

The year run, however, came to a tragic end in , when frontman, bassist, songwriter, and literal giant in the heavy metal world, Peter Steele, met an untimely and all too common end. On April 14th, Steele died of heart failure at the age of Steele was truly a unique musician and vocalist. The songs he created and performed with Type O Negative are powerful, rich, and pensive, as well as heavy and hard.

Lyrically, while there was a serious side to the lyrics, they often fell on the darkly humorous side. He was a wicked bass player, as can be seen undeniably on the Symphony for the Devil DVD, and his vocals were a deep, rich baritone.


Can you do a phoner Then Wednesday came and went. No call from Peter. SPV Um, dude, what happened? There was no reply. I emailed Johnny Kelly.

Type O Negative – Discography LossLess Christian Woman Single, Bloody Kisses Full-length, Summer Breeze Single, In Praise of Bacchus Single, Type O Negative выпустили шестой студийный альбом Life Is Killing Me, на котором они вернулись к .

Shortly after signing in the band released their debut, Slow, Deep and Hard. The songs were long, multi-part theatrical epics, with lyrical topics ranging from heartbreak to getting revenge on a cheating lover, and even contemplating suicide. They began creating a new album that was supposed to be live. The subsequent album was entitled The Origin of the Feces and a warning label was put on the album cover: Bloody Kisses and October Rust — Edit Type O Negative’s third album, Bloody Kisses , was released in to critical and listener acclaim, and eventually became the first record for Roadrunner to reach certified Platinum status in the US.

In order to promote the album, Type O Negative embarked on a two-year world tour.

Classic Concert Review: Type O Negative — June 6th, 1997

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There is a third keyboard, but I have no idea what it is. But I read somewhere that he prefers Roland but that he’s endorsed by Korg, I think. Kenny use, how does he get that sound and, more importantly, WHAT is wrong with his toe???

Type O Negative discography

The release date is January 22nd You interview! So why is this so important, because this is your chance to ask the band the one question YOU have always wanted to ask. The interview will be made up of all questions posed buy YOU the fan.

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Playing a careful balancing act between flat-out goth rock and gothic metal, Type O Negative’s Bloody Kisses doesn’t offer a whole lot in the way of outrageous surprises, but it is a fun listen and, unlike so much gothy material, doesn’t take itself remotely seriously.

October 22nd, replies Release Date: A haunting, melodic, somber, gorgeous opus from a group that severely overachieved on this album. Aside from the occasional dabble in sensitivity, we all know that metal is designed to pump fists and crush skulls. Whether the majority of bands achieve this is debatable, but we know a metal album is not supposed to RELAX you. This is not the case here.

So how is this album classified” Genre classifications and phrases like goth metal, power synth, pop goth, have been thrown around, and none of these accurately describe the whirlwind of melodic sounds found on this record. The guitars are made of sludge, and the drums are programmed. There are no double bass drums, no face-melting solos, epic vocal wails, death growls, or grunts, and there are barely even audible or memorable riffs.

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Their lyrical emphasis on themes of romance , depression, and death resulted in the nickname “The Drab Four” [5] in homage to The Beatles ‘ “Fab Four” moniker. On April 14, , lead vocalist, bassist, and principal songwriter Peter Steele died, reportedly from heart failure [8] [9] brought on by an aortic aneurysm. Shortly after signing in the band released their debut, Slow, Deep and Hard. The songs were long, multi-part theatrical epics, with lyrical topics ranging from heartbreak to getting revenge on a cheating lover, and even contemplating suicide.

They began creating a new album that was supposed to be live.

O Type O Negative influenciou algumas bandas do metal gótico europeu, particularmente o Tristania, [3] Moonspell [4] e o Lacuna Coil. [5] Outros grupos que citam o TON como influência são o Evanescence [ 6 ] e o .

It enjoyed modest success on college radio. Shortly thereafter, Silver left Fallout to form Original Sin, which combined the sounds of eighties hair metal and new wave. Meanwhile, Steele went on to found the thrash metal band Carnivore. The band’s lyrics were harsh and very politically incorrect, dealing with race, religion, war, and misogyny , with a sound reminiscent of speed metal mixed with hardcore break-downs and three- chord punk rock.

Following the release of their second album, Retaliation, Carnivore went on hiatus. Soon after, Silver was convinced to join, with fellow childhood friend Kenny Hickey following suit. They originally named themselves “Repulsion” and “Sub-Zero,” [1] but after an extensive search through the Yellow Pages for potential names, they realized “subzero” had already been taken.

Due to the band already having the “o” negative tattoos for subzero, they decided to name the band “Type O Negative. Roadrunner signed them to a five-album record deal, and in the band quickly released their debut, Slow Deep and Hard.

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